More Down-Rigging Video

As promised here are two more pieces of down-rigging video. In the first one we see the process of lowering the port top mast shrouds. There are back stays, the head stay, flag halyards, a cap the upper cross trees, martinets and some other rigging I am sure I am not remembering this moment all sitting on top of the top mast. Each piece is lowered down as the video of the shrouds shows, with a line (called a gantline) secured to the top and a a tagline on the bottom of the rigging, used to guide it to the pier.The video will make this clear. Maybe a soundtrack in the backround would make it more dramatic.


The video was all shot by Dennis Gillis, one of our security guards at the ship four days a week. Thanks, Dennis!

This last piece of video shows how the fore topmast itself is lowered. A line called the “topline” is attached to the head of the mast. A tagline is attached to the bottom of the mast. Someone up in the bowl lowers the top line while a group on the pier pulls the mast over. Eventually the mast is placed in a cart. (we will get some video of that for the main top mast.). Also missing is the process of how we start the down rigging of the mast. But for now let’s go to the tape…topmast



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