One Mild Winter

We have truly been fortunate with the weather this winter. No snow to speak of and fairly mild temperatures have allowed us to keep working on the ship through the winter season.

Planking the starboard quarter, January 2012

This shot shows not only the work of re-planking the side of the ship but also gives a fairly good impression of the weather this winter. For the most part it has been reasonable to be working outside. Often the wind blows out of the North in the winter around here and we are on the south side of the ship. Clever, right?


The wale which is the oak timber fastened on and plugged in this shot is made of white oak. The planks that are going on above the wale are douglas fir. They are some beautiful pieces of wood we picked up at a lumber yard,Downes and Reeder, in Stoughton, Ma .

Main building at Downes and Reeder housing some very expensive wood.










Getting quality timbers for planking does not come cheap. We paid around five hundred dollars for four pieces of wood. that comes to about $6.50 a board foot. Mistakes are not an option.


flawless work by a mere human being.










We are working on the second pair of planks in this shot.  Also take note of the commodious staging we built to work on this winter. If the weather continues to stay this mild we may install a grill and some benches for lunch time in the sunshine. Of course, this would be after we are done with our high priced planking.

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