Catching up on some work

When last we checked in with  Keith and Danny they were rebuilding the starboard side of the ship up forward near the fore channel. Well, I am happy to say this project is nearly complete. To be fair to them I have dragged them away from this project for about the last month or so to help rig the ship, make a new rain awning, help me with my project in the stern of the ship, start getting the small boats ready to go in the water, attend preseason training, load the ship with furniture, bedding and a host of small artifacts , and generally prepare our site to open on March 17th.

Other than that I am not sure why they didn’t finish this project sooner. (Heh, heh, just kidding Keith and Danny)


Here are some lovely shots of their work:

(Or I should say, some shots of their lovely work)

Fairing the work.



In this shot you can see some of the new planks that were steamed and fastened into place on a very curvy part of the ship. Keith is fairing or smoothing off the edges and ends of the planks to make everything neat. We used Angelique here, a dense tropical hardwood that won’t rot in our life time.

In the next shot Danny is attaching a strip of plywood they will use to determine the shape of the oak wale that goes in that last open spot.

Buttoning her up.











Laying out canvas for a new rain awning for Mayflower II.

Here is one of the many projects we have worked on in the last month or so.

The old rain awning, also made of canvas and hemp, and used to cover the main stairway on the ship when it rains, has nearly rotted back to the dust from whence  it came.


Like the old one, the new awning is all hand sewn out of three foot wide panels of canvas. A hemp rope will be sewn around the edges of the entire awning to reinforce it. Finally, small rope grommets will be sewn around holes placed in strategic locations along the edges.


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