Penultimate Boat Class

I’ve been waiting for a chance to use that term in an appropriate way!

In this, our next to last boat class, we have bee making steady progress.

Fastening Frames

With the boat turned over there a plenty of smaller projects to keep everyone busy. I this shot, Danny is keeping an eye on one of the students drilling pilot holes through the planks where the frames will be fastened. The frames are attached with wood screws from the outside of the pine plank into the oak frame. The pilot holes, 3/16″ in diameter, allow the screw to be placed correctly from the outside assuring the screws will go into the narrow frames.

The two student in the back of the shot are cleaning off the still soft adhesive that oozes out between frame and planking during the fastening process. When the adhesive dries it is nearly impossible to remove, which is kind of what you want in your adhesive.

Everyone has their task to perform in the frame fastening process.



Pattern Making










Here Keith is guiding a student through the pattern making process. The thin plywood will be shaped to fit up in the bow, the flat edge facing the camera will go against the stem and the v shaped sides will attache to each plank. With the pattern fit, they will then shape  a full thickness piece of wood, called a breasthook, which will be fastened in on the top edge of the planks at the stem. The breasthook reinforces the connection between the two planks and the stem. Traditionally that breasthook would be made from a crook of tree, in small boats often apple wood is employed because apple trees grow kind of crooked and the branches lend themselves to this shape.

Shaping a quarter knee







This shot shows two students putting the finishing touches on a quarter knee. this is reinforcing timber that goes on the top edge of

the plank, in the corner between the side plank and the transom. There is one qua

rter knee on each side of the back of the boat. Again, traditionally in small boats this knee might be made out of apple wood. In a modern shop, due to the lack of availability of this kind of crooked wood, we sometimes used solid pieces of wood, and adjust the pattern to make best use of  the grain of the wood. In the case of the breasthook above, the solid piece of wood is made up three pieces epoxied together  which allows to more closely orient the grain of the wood to the shape of the piece.

Each class ends with a little clean-up time.



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