Other Duties as Assigned.

There is a part of most job descriptions that is added to let the employee know that the stated specific tasks outlined in the job description are not the only tasks required to be successful in your job. The following pictures fall into this category. While they have nothing to do with repair and restoration per se, they are one of the many tasks we undertake to keep Mayflower II safe and floating happily at the State Pier in Plymouth.


Grabbing the floating camel to replace a broken chain.

The float camel is really an old wooden spar with a collection of tires filled with floatation strung along it. The camel acts as a floating fender between the ship and the pier. I am not sure why it is called a camel. Thoughts?

Sorting things out


By the way…

These photos were taken by Bob Sylvester. Along with his regular job of working for Guest Services at the Mayflower II, his other duties as assigned apparently include  keeping an eye on the marine staff.


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