A Bit of Painting in the Mix

Red Primer and first coat of finish color

This is a recent photo of some painting. Most people who visit the ship or even come any where near the ship will notice it needs paint. We are tackling the painting in between other repair/restoration work. This shot shows Danny ( who, I think at one time wanted to be a plumber), and George Geenamyer, a volunteer applying paint to an area that was previously prepped for it.

After about ten years of sanding and painting the film of paint becomes so thick it doesn’t stick to the hull anymore. So the old paint has to  be stripped off to expose bare wood.  Then we  sand the bare wood prior to painting with the oil based red primer. At this point we also do any caulking or minor repair that might be necessary. It is hard to see in this shot but we had to reef out and recaulk the seam between the waterway and the stanchions all along this section of deck.

Part of this area had been primed earlier in the week so that section has been re-sanded and Danny is putting on the first of two “Golden Brown” coats.

Primer and paint on starboard quarter repair.










This shows the repair completed over this past winter with its finish coats of paint on the planking and the primer applied to the new section of main wale.


The thin plywood pattern is the bolt hole template we made for the bracket that has to be refastened now that the repairs have been completed. A mooring line for the ship will be re-secured to the metal bracket once it is bolted in place. The bolts are 3/4″ diameter and vary in length from 7″ to 18″ depending on how much wood the bolt has to go through at the given location.


One more comment about painting. I work most Saturdays at the ship and we are inviting anyone who wants to help paint the ship come down around 9:00 am and we will find a brush or some sandpaper or at least a cup of coffee to hold if it is raining. E-mail me at parenastam@plimoth.org by Friday the day before you want to come in to be sure we will be painting that day.


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