New Generator – next steps

When last we talked about the generator, I believe we had removed the old set from its mounts in the generator space, and were awaiting a crane to pluck it out of the ship. the crane would  then lower the new set into the ship.

Well that step happened this morning.


This was a small job for a big crane

This big crane made such short work of moving the two generators that I didn’t even get a picture of that happening.

With the new generator delivered to the hold Keith, Danny and I moved in on a rolling dolly back to the generator room. We devised a ramp system to haul the generator into the tight space.

Our delightful new Lister Generator

Resting on the newly made engine beds.

Awaiting the mechanic from RA. Mitchell's to arrive and hook it up.








this project is now in the hands of the capable crew from R.A. Mitchells, the company from which we bought the generator.

Intersting story from the Bob Mitchell the current owner, and son of the founder of the company:

Mayflower II came to America with two small Lister generators on loan from the company in England. When the ship arrived the generators were removed and shipped down to Fairhaven, to Mitchell’s shop, where they were stored until they could be shipped back to England. Mitchell’s has been selling and dealing with the Lister Company and Mayflower II since 1957.




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