A short posting about a big step forward

fastening a new plank

fastening a new plank

Here is a brief post that shows  significant progress forward with the repairs to the ship. First I apologize for the shot that looks like it was taken in the lair of one of Batman’s enemies. (Who remembers those crooked camera angles the director used in the Batman show to indicate we were in a crooks hideout?) Not to worry I only had  to angle the camera to get everything into the shot. Not an enemy in sight.

Anyway, the first  of many new planks is being fastened in this shot. This particular plank was not steamed into place as the curves that it must make are not that severe. Some future planks will have to be steamed.

The fastenings are the 5/8″ galvanized nails that were custom made for the ship.

Also note the new frame, red leaded and fastened into place on the port corner of the stern. Mayflower is starting to get her figure back!



  1. Mrs. Lynn Cartledge

    No prob. I actually enjoyed tipping over on one leg to view the photo! The only enemy seems to be Father Time.

    Something occurred to me as I reviewed your detailed collection of postings. What a tremendously daunting task it must have been to return a ship, of any kind, to sea worthy shape in the 1600’s!! Imagine adding to that, the fact that it might be your only way back home…..wow! We pitch a fit when a tire blows. Food for thought.

    I (we all) hope that the “Busy Busy Beaver Unit” continues in full swing, and brings her back home soon. Keep up the great and important work. LAC

  2. Sheryl Trainor

    I know if my father was still alive, he’d be down there in the boat shop working hard right beside you. I just made a donation in his memory. Good luck getting the Mayflower shipshape again!

    • Sheryl,

      Your comment touched me greatly. Gene was a wonderful volunteer and a dear friend to me. I know he would have loved to be knee deep in wood shavings along with the rest of us these days.
      Thank you very much,


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