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Finally, a neighbor in the shipyard who gets us. This is the Shenandoah, a wooden schooner that sails out of Martha’s Vineyard. They do week long trips around the Cape and Islands as well as day charters and private functions. She was built in 1964 in Maine and like Mayflower II requires steady, reliable upkeep.

New rudder going together.

New rudder going together.


The crew is bolting together the large oak timbers that make up the rudder stock.

The white oak trees that these timbers came from were quite big as one can imaging.

There will be a third piece added to the aft edge of the rudder once the main stock is fastened.

plank by plank

Plank by Plank

The yard crew is working their way up the side of the ship carefully fitting one new plank at a time. They will start caulking from the bottom up soon so the port side can be buttoned up.



view from the stern

View from the stern

Here is an encouraging view from the stern as the planking comes together.

Behind the scenes the search for suitable white oak stock continues. The shipyard is investigating contacts in virginia athat have logs for planking material and some frame stock while we are talking with a sawyer in Georgia who has a large supply of Live Oak he says will be suitable for framing.

The next post may be written from the road.

Stay tuned.



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