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If all goes well, we will begin the process of re-floating Mayflower tomorrow morning.

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This was taken early in the day today. By Lunch time the crew was applying paint to the new planks, other crew was finishing up caulking on the port side along with various odds and ends before the first launch tomorrow.

The plan is to lower the ship part way down the railway in the morning and leave it there for two or three days to allow the planks to start swelling.

When the ship comes back out of the water,  the yard crew will power wash the old paint, let the surface of the hull dry for a day then apply the bottom paint.

If all goes  well the ship could be relaunched and floating mid-week.


More news as it comes in…


  1. George C

    Hi Peter…Good news to read after a long stressful day at work!!!! Best of Luck tomorrow!!! Will the ship be rigged in Fairhaven or once she returns to Plymouth? Assuming when she gets back due to the logistics of getting the spars to the shipyard. Take care my friend!!

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