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How soon we forget. If one were to drive along the waterfront here in Plymouth everything looks just as it should be.  The ship is at the dock, fully rigged, visitors are lining up to get aboard, tourist are wandering around on the waterfront, just another day in the life of Mayflower II. 
But just about six weeks ago this was where one would have to go to see the ship.
Alongside the dock at the shipyard.

Alongside the dock at the shipyard.

The trip home from Fairhaven to Plymouth was marked by fair weather, calm seas and a host of well-wishers lined up along the Cape Cod Canal as we made our transit.

Hurricane gate, New Bedford, MA

Hurricane gate, New Bedford, MA


The ship, towed as always by the tugboat Jaguar, slipped easily through the hurricane gate and out into Buzzards Bay early in the morning.






Accompanied by Wareham harbormaster's fireboat

Accompanied by Wareham harbormaster’s fire boat.

Along with the hundreds of people waving to the ship as we passed through the canal, boats like this one escorted Mayflower II  on portions of our trip.

Exiting the East End of the canal

Exiting the East End of the canal.


Even after we left the canal there were boats keeping us company as we moved into Cape Cod Bay.





That is actually the last shop I have of the trip as the remainder of the time we were busy getting the ship’s arrival at the dock. The plan was to get the ship tied up, cleaned up and opened to the public as quickly as possible. It was a good thing we spent the last part of the trip preparing because when we arrived back in Plymouth there was a tremendous reception of people waiting.

The ship docked at 11:00, if I remember correctly, and we opened to the public at 2:00 pm. Staff, trustees, volunteers and supporters of the ship of all kinds breathed a great sigh when the last line was secured, the gangways attached and the ship returned to her long practiced business of welcoming guests from every corner of the world.









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    I enjoy your updates comments and photos, because I signed up to receive your blog I was able to be there and enjoy the return of the MayflowerII.

    thank you
    Norma Ricci

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