The painting season is upon us



Now that the weather has stabilized somewhat, in between repair projects and other matters, we have begun painting the ship.

Mostly we work from staging that hangs over the side. This year we will also have access to a large float from which we can  paint near the waterline.

Why do I bring this up you might ask?

Well, we will be looking for some help this season with this enormous project.

I was going to apply the Tom Sawyer technique in order to attract volunteer painters. You know, “It sure is fun painting this ship. I bet you wish you could help. If you give me a dollar I’ll let you help.” That kind of thing. Truth is we need some help, it is kind of fun, in a “It sure feels good when I stop hitting my head against the wall,” kind of way, and we are just now coming into the very best time of year to hang around the waterfront. (There is both an ice cream shop and a pub right across the street.)

We work Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM. We are happy to have volunteer help. It may be the case, as summer comes along and sunset is later, that we can work later in the day.

I can be reached directly by e-mail at if you would like to help. Why not give it a try? The coffee is on us.





  1. Thomas Bott

    Soon as me an Huck track down Joe we’ll be over.
    I’ll try to find a couple of afternoons to get down to the ship.

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