Mystic Seaport or Bust

Downrigged at Mystic Seaport

Downrigged at Mystic Seaport

Well, here we are at Mystic Seaport.  The Transit could not have gone smoother!

Day 1: Plymouth to New Bedford.  Day two: New Bedford to New London, CT.  Day three: Time the tide and move from New London up the Mystic river and into the seaport.  Thanks to Charlie Mitchell and the crew of Tug Jaguar!  Also a big thank you to volunteers, Dick Beane, Tom Bott, and Joe Jordan for their help. The Ships crew did an excellent job preparing and working together underway! Thanks, Susannah, Andrew, George, Dylan, Don, Natalie, and Dave.
We arrived Sunday afternoon to a huge welcome from Connecticut.  People were lining both sides of the river the whole 4 miles or so up the river, clapping, cheering and waving!

Susannah and Andrew working alongside some Mystic riggers started immediately on Monday downrigging the topmasts, yards and rigging.
The flagstaffs, Topmasts, Course yards, Spritsail yard, mizzen yard, and mizzen mast have all been removed.

While this was going on other Mystic staff along with Dylan and Don were in the hold removing floorboards to gain access to the 100 tons of ballast that needs to come out of the ship.

Also the Shipyard crew were simultaneously building the blocking plan on the syncrolift cradle that the ship will sit on to come out of the water.

We hope to haul the ship out of the water Tuesday the 23rd.  Then after the Holiday we will begin removing the ballast.

Mayflower II is indeed in good hands.

The media coverage and reaction have been tremendous!

Happy Holidays to all!!


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