Moving along with the discovery, planning and exploratory surgery phase.

Well, we are in the midst of performing exploratory surgery on Mayflower II.  We are not finding huge surprises, but are finding exactly what we expected…the ship needs a major refit.

20150123_145336        20150130_110812


Above, Paul Haley working on his survey with project manager Rob Whalen in the basket!  Then a few days later with that same section opened up.  If you click on these photos they will expand for better detail.  Yes its snowing in the picture on the right!

The fasteners we pulled from this area look good, but the planks and some of the futtocks need replacement.  Of course you are only seeing 8 or 10 feet of what will be 30′ to 35′ planks with staggered butts.

This picture below shows some deteriorated bilge stringers down by the keel.  These structural members run fore and aft and are up to 40′ long each.


On a side note we are looking for lots of lead to replace the rusted iron and stone ballast.  Let me know if any of you have a line where we can find some.  We know of all the retail places to buy this, however would like to perhaps buy some as surplus or used ships ballast lead.






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