Remembering Joe Meany

Joe Meany visits Mayflower II in 2016We remember our friend Joe Meany, who recently passed away, with great fondness and appreciation.

In 1957, a 17-year-old Joe was the American “cabin boy” aboard Mayflower II on her maiden journey from Brixham, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts, having won the coveted spot through a national Boys’ Club of America contest. When the ship was becalmed, the crew’s timeline was set back and Joe missed his high school graduation. Unwilling to let this milestone moment pass unrecognized, Joe’s shipmates organized a one-of-a-kind graduation ceremony, complete with a homemade gown made from an oilskin and a cap fashioned from painted cardboard. Joe later learned that he had graduated (officially) with honors and accepted a scholarship to Notre Dame!

Joe Meany Graduation Aboard Mayflower II

Joe went on to become a successful electrical engineer and married his high school sweetheart, Ann. He visited Mayflower II nearly every year on June 13, the anniversary of its arrival. We are forever grateful to Joe for his contributions to the legacy of this national treasure. Our thoughts are with his family.

Read more about Joe’s graduation day in the Mayflower II Crew Journals from 1957.


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  1. Lee Martin

    I remember reading about Joe in Warwick Charlton’s book about his unique graduation ceremony in addition to the building and voyage of the ship.

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