Martime Artisan Update: Andrew Guest Talks Restoring the Bow


Hello everyone! As some of you may know, my role down here in Mystic is as one-third of the team working to restore Mayflower II’s bow, along with Mystic Seaport’s Chris Sanders and Louie Marandola. We’ve had our work cut out for us, as the condition of the ship in this area was especially poor, but we’ve made great progress in the past months. Installation of the new seven-piece stem assembly was a particular highlight for us, being the culmination of a year of work. Unfortunately, due to its size it’s difficult to photograph!

In other areas, Chris installed the last of Mayflower II’s gargantuan breasthooks recently, and has now moved on to  replacing the remaining forward framing, completion of which will allow fairing and the upward continuation of the hull planking effort. Here you can see him in blue working on the final fitting of the fourth, and last, breasthook – which also serves as the step for Mayflower II’s foremast.

Meanwhile, Louie is working up on the forward part of the main deck – we’re also pushing to get things squared away to start putting the main deck back together. He’s been restoring some old pieces and installing some new – wherever possible we try to keep original material.

I’ve been working on the main deck also – though the interconnected structure has me working below on the tween deck currently, replacing the forward most deck beam on that level in order to have a place for the new fore knighthead to attach. Between the push to continue hull planking and the push to reassemble the main deck I think we’ll be busy for a while!

New lodging knee and restored old lodging knee. New deck beam, forward tween deck.



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