New work

  Here is a nice shot. The ship is getting re-planked. You can see the two new planks that were installed last week. Neither of them needed steaming even though they are nearly three inches thick. the hull shape here is generally constant so the planks didn’t need to be twisted.  Note the batten, (the … [Read more…]

A short posting about a big step forward

Here is a brief post that shows  significant progress forward with the repairs to the ship. First I apologize for the shot that looks like it was taken in the lair of one of Batman’s enemies. (Who remembers those crooked camera angles the director used in the Batman show to indicate we were in a … [Read more…]

On The Upward Trail

Here is the first sign that we are headed in the right direction with the repair work. This is the first frame stock, in the carpentry shop at Fairhaven Shipyard. The stock as been sent through the big thickness planer and now awaits cutting to the pattern that is resting on top.  Hurrah! Here three … [Read more…]

Latest News From Last Week

We had to remove the bowsprit from the ship. The problem is the ship is a complicated puzzle. Each piece is interconnected and relies on another piece for the strength of the whole. It is a little like Jenga, that wooden tower game where you try to remove pieces without having the whole thing fall … [Read more…]

Quick Update

This is the first of many new pieces of white oak for frames. Note the curve in the stock. The trick is first finding trees with the right amount of curve, and each frame has a slightly different curve and then finding a sawyer who will saw the logs this way. It is a bit … [Read more…]

Now, where were we….

Before the recent unpleasantness with the weather, the dearth of electricity, and the enforced regional  workout program known as “shoveling” we were busy working on the Mayflower. Here is a an update from the shipyard and our own marine shop for what you might have missed while occupied elsewhere. Let’s start in the shop with … [Read more…]

New Generator – next steps

When last we talked about the generator, I believe we had removed the old set from its mounts in the generator space, and were awaiting a crane to pluck it out of the ship. the crane would  then lower the new set into the ship. Well that step happened this morning.   This big crane … [Read more…]

Coast Guard Inspection, part one

Last Thursday the Coast Guard started their biannual inspection of  the ship. Their focus is commonly on the underwater portion of the hull, as it is only visible when the ship is hauled-out. The inspectors, however, also examine interior spaces of the ship and they will have to approve the installation of our new generator. … [Read more…]