Remembering Joe Meany

Joe Meany visits Mayflower II in 2016

We remember our friend Joe Meany, who recently passed away, with great fondness and appreciation. In 1957, a 17-year-old Joe was the American “cabin boy” aboard Mayflower II on her maiden journey from Brixham, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts, having won the coveted spot through a national Boys’ Club of America contest. When the ship was becalmed, … [Read more…]

A Mayflower Memory: Linda Cabot Black

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As we prepare for the milestone moment that will be Mayflower II‘s return in 2019 to Plymouth Harbor in Massachusetts following a more than 30-month restoration, we at Plimoth Plantation have been delighted to hear from friends near and far about their “Mayflower Memories.” Our Development Director Courtney Roy-Branigan recently enjoyed a fireside chat with … [Read more…]

On This Day in 1957

Mayflower II Arrives in Plymouth, June 13, 1957

On this day sixty years ago, Mayflower II arrived in Plymouth to 25,000 spectators including Vice President Richard Nixon and U.S. Representative John F Kennedy!