Down – Rigging in Low Temperatures

This past week or so we have been removing the upper rigging from the ship. Naturally, the temperatures around here have plunged into the 20’s and with a wind chill in the teens. It might be an over statement to say that we have been enjoying learning what 17th century sailors went through sailing onto … [Read more…]

Andrew Guest

Now that I have tidied up on reporter news from  a month and half ago I can start to catch up on what has been going on since the ship has returned to Plymouth. Sadly, both Keith and Danny left the employ of the museum a few months ago. Happily, Andrew Guest came aboard recently. … [Read more…]

One small step for Mayflower…

This is just a brief post to show that we are on the way! Mayflower II has traveled about 300′ on her journey home to Plymouth,  down the railway but still on the cradle,  where she will sit through the weekend giving the planking time to start swelling. Next week, if all goes well, we … [Read more…]

Breaking News

If all goes well, we will begin the process of re-floating Mayflower tomorrow morning.   This was taken early in the day today. By Lunch time the crew was applying paint to the new planks, other crew was finishing up caulking on the port side along with various odds and ends before the first launch … [Read more…]

On The Move

Things are moving in the shipyard these days. And by moving I mean up in the air. Today the crane was back to help us put the pieces of Mayflower II that have been missing for a while back in their rightful place. To prepare for the reinstallation of the bowsprit we made a pattern … [Read more…]

Shutter Plank

Technically, the shutter plank is the last plank fastened to the hull closing up any opening made in the side of the ship.  While the entire hull has not been closed in yet,(there are still five planks to fit and fasten on the starboard side),  the shutter plank for the port side has been fit, … [Read more…]