A back log of Pictures

Here are some pictures to catch up on Garvey building progress. My camera is not functioning so I am relying on the kindness of others to supply me with pictures. Thanks to Linda Hart for thiese pictures Here’s the gang putting the 1st peice of Plywood down on the bottom. Here’s us ‘glassing the bottom … [Read more…]

Today’s Progress

Today we glued down the second layer of plywood on the bottom of the Garvey. The bottom of the boat consists of two layers of 3/8” plywood. Friday with our volunteer group we will lay out and glue down fiberglass cloth. This will seal the bottom and make it tuff enough for us to land … [Read more…]

Hannah is off to College

I have several excuses ready to post some personal pictures on my blog. First I already posted pictures of one of my daughters, Abby, and it happened to be on her sister’s birthday no less. So I owe Hannah a posting. Second, I still haven’t resolved the usb cord issue with my camera so I … [Read more…]

A post without a Picture

I am sorry to say that my camera still won’t speak to my computer. I can’t imagine what has happened between the two of them to cause such a rift. I want to keep up to date on the boat progress so I will post this much and see if a new usb cord for … [Read more…]

Epoxy and Plywood

The picture on the right is Jack using the power plane to rough out the scarph. We swithced to bench planes to finish up the joints. We prepared the plywood today for applying to the bottom of the boat on Friday. The bottom of the boat is going to be two layers of 3/8” plywood, … [Read more…]

Back on the Garvey Project

Today was the first day back at work with our volunteers on the Garvey workboat. We had taken some time away from this project to complete another big project. But now that other project is out of the way we can get back to work on building our new workboat. Actually Jack and I have … [Read more…]

Here’s something unique

Here’s something you don’t see every day. There was a lot of hot air around the ship this morning. Luckily, it was all contained in the Mayflower Van Lines Balloon. Yesterday the pilot of the balloon, Kevin Knapp, asked if he could bring the balloon down to the waterfront to take some pictures in calm … [Read more…]

The Big Day

So….This is going to sort of sound like confession but, it has been about three weeks since my last posting. If anyone is following this blog the last posting I did was a Friday just as we were finishing up painting the ship. We had two weeks before the sail and about a thousand items … [Read more…]


After a dreary forth of July break we are back at it. This damp weather has forced a change of plans. It is too wet to paint so we are indoors catching up on small projects. Finishing up a new set of flags, preparing odds and ends to be attached to the ship when the … [Read more…]

Friday Report

There’s not too much to report that is new and exciting on the maritime artisans front. We are painting, painting, and painting, the ship. Things are actually shaping up. The sail training crew was able to sneak in some scraping and sanding Thursday night before the rain set in and sent us all to the … [Read more…]