The Learning Curve

I didn’t write anything for last Friday. No, it wasn’t another beer launch event but it was a long day that ended with me driving to Cambridge and back by 7:00 pm. So I never got around to posting anything. On Friday, Jack and I spent the morning caulking the planks we had hung at … [Read more…]

Beer Night

If anyone is following this blog you might have noticed I didn’t write a posting for yesterday. I usually put something together at the end of each weekday. I missed yesterday’s posting because of a special event that took place last night at the ship. In our short hand we called it “beer night” but … [Read more…]

The Shallop

This picture was taken from the main yard about fifty feet off the water. We stepped the mast in the shallop today. The shallop has been in the water for a few weeks but we have just found some time to set up the mast and rigging. The shallop is celebrating its own fiftieth birthday … [Read more…]

George Ward

Today, for me, was filled with meetings. I guess meetings are necessary but somehow they never seem as productive as actually doing stuff. This will be a good chance to introduce another member of team marine artisans – George Ward. This picture may not show George off to his best advantage but it is a … [Read more…]

nuts and bolts

Today was a real nuts and bolts kind of day. Paula and George continued with the relentless task of tightening up and tarring the rigging. Jack and I continued repairing and re-planking the various holes in the side of the ship. The picture above shows Paula out on the bowsprit getting ready to tightening the … [Read more…]

bit by bit

We are seeing progress on all fronts at the ship. Jack and I fit and fastened the big 3 ½” x 5” white oak wale on the port side after castle. It is big, heavy and requires working from staging up on the outside of the ship. It’s great to get that piece on. The … [Read more…]

our work

I don’t have any pictures of all the work we did today, but rest assured, we did a lot. Instead I have been thinking about what I did this past weekend and how it is connected to Mayflower II and our museum in general. I’ll offer some Internet links that are relevant and are connections … [Read more…]

Another Manic Monday

It is Monday and we are all back at work. The bright yellow ball in the sky we learn is called the sun. It is sunny and warm and it is a pleasure to be outside again. The list of things we are involved in today is representative of the kind of day that keeps … [Read more…]

Fifty Years ago Today

Today is the Twentieth of April. Fifty years ago today Mayflower II set sail for America from Plymouth, England. If you take a look at the website on our museum site devoted Mayflower II you will see a lot on how the ship was built, and sailed over to the United States in 1957. If … [Read more…]

John Reed

The weather has improved today so that work can continue on the ship. Jack and Paula were on the waterfront in the afternoon but I must confess I’m not sure what they were actually doing as I have been at the visitor center all week signing and reading from my book, Felix and His Mayflower … [Read more…]