Paula and the forecourse

The weather continues cold with wind driven rain. As a result we are all still indoors at work on various project related to the ship, our waterfront exhibit or the marine program. Like yesterday this weather gives me a chance to continue to introduce the maritime Artisans staff. Today’s featured artisan is our very own … [Read more…]


This is a picture of a storm that the ship rode out last night. Mayflower II has been through many storms over the years mostly tied right to the pier. She has weather hurricanes, Nor’easters and even the no-name storm of 1991 with very little damage. Last night storm was certainly not the worst storm … [Read more…]

workboat project

Friday afternoons are reserved for our ongoing boat-building project. The goal of this project is to build a replacement workboat for Mayflower II. Our current skiff is old, been repaired many times, and has already sunk three times in the last two years. (Sounds a little like all of the marine staff come to think … [Read more…]

book launch

Today was the press launch for the book I wrote called Felix and His Mayflower II Adventures. It tells the story of the building of Mayflower II in England and her voyage across the Atlantic in 1957. The story is told from the perspective of the small kitten, Felix, given to the ship as a … [Read more…]

The View at the Top

The above picture was taken yesterday from Mayflower II’s main top. It is a view through the rigging of the foremast and you can see Clark’s Island, Saquish and the gurnnet in the back round. I will explain the land marks in the future but for now the point of the picture is to illustrate … [Read more…]

Let The Blogging Begin

Welcome to my blog. This is a first for me and a first for Plimoth Plantation. It’s fitting that we begin a pioneering effort like this on the golden anniversary of the Mayflower II, as her story is also a sort of pioneer tale. Over the course of this season, It is my intent to … [Read more…]