What a Winter!

Looking aft from amidships along the stbd side.

Well, work on Mayflower II is progressing well here at Mystic Seaport in spite of the weather!  The skill and determination of the workers both from Mystic and Plymouth is incredible!  Along with everything that is happening down here, Don, George, Dick, Joe, Rick, Natalie and Allen are making excellent progress on spars and rigging … [Read more…]

Blizzard 2015


  Digging out after the storm!  Now back to work. We had about 2 feet of snow here at Mystic Seaport!  But the ship came through fine, we had added some large concrete blocks with cables and chain falls to the four corners of the ship for that belt and suspender approach to secure the … [Read more…]

The Ballast is out


Hello all, I hope the New Year finds you well. Here at Mystic Seaport we are happy to report all the ballast is out of Mayflower II. All 130 tons.  72 tons of cobblestone, 56 tons of rusted pig iron and cut up railroad ties, and 2 tons of rust scale and small bits!!       … [Read more…]

Mystic Seaport or Bust

Downrigged at Mystic Seaport

Downrigged at Mystic Seaport Well, here we are at Mystic Seaport.  The Transit could not have gone smoother! Day 1: Plymouth to New Bedford.  Day two: New Bedford to New London, CT.  Day three: Time the tide and move from New London up the Mystic river and into the seaport.  Thanks to Charlie Mitchell and … [Read more…]

Welcome Whit Perry!

Whit Perry

Please join us in welcoming Marc Whitney—“Whit”—Perry as the museum’s associate director for maritime preservation and operations! Whit comes to Plimoth Plantation with over 30 years of experience working with wooden boats. His most recent post was at the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, where he maintained and operated three square-rigged vessels for nearly 10 years. Whit has … [Read more…]

The painting season is upon us

  Now that the weather has stabilized somewhat, in between repair projects and other matters, we have begun painting the ship. Mostly we work from staging that hangs over the side. This year we will also have access to a large float from which we can  paint near the waterline. Why do I bring this … [Read more…]

Winter Rigging

Or  – How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Polar Vortex. You don’t find many ship rigging text books suggesting a snow blower and shovels  as indispensable items in your tool kit. This year we could not have rigged the ship without them. Since the time the museum closed in December the marine … [Read more…]