Internship FAQs


“It was such a life changing experience for me. I had the opportunity to curate my first exhibit with a fellow intern… made lasting friendships, and learned so much about museums" - Amanda Morgida (Smith College)

"I think my internship at the mill was really what pushed that initial passion into full blown ecstasy. I couldn't wait to show up with my field guides and natural history notes and get back to exploring the area and identifying plants. This internship helped me prove to myself that this really was what I was put on earth to do…" - Ian Spellman (Bridgewater State University)

"My internship at Plimoth Plantation not only gave me international experience (I came over from the UK) but practice carrying out consultancy style ethnographic projects. I was able to directly apply the skills I had learnt through my Social Anthropology degree at the London School of Economics. It inspired me to begin searching for jobs in visitor analysis ... which I believe is a direct result of the responsibilities I was given, and lessons I learned at Plimoth Plantation." - Amelia Mulcahey (London School of Economics)


Who can apply for an internship?

Plimoth Plantation accepts applications from college-level freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, as well as graduate students. We also accept applications from recent graduates and people making a career change. Our internships are unique opportunities to work alongside skilled, professional museum staff.

Are internships paid or unpaid?

We offer paid and unpaid positions, depending on the internship, as specified in each internship description. Course credit is also available if needed. Please see below for more information about stipends and course credit as it relates to internships. We advise that students also work with their advisor and university to apply for intern stipends offered through their college.

I don't have a car. Is there public transportation to the museum?

Yes. The town of Plymouth offers affordable public transportation (known as G.A.T.R.A) provided by the Plymouth and Brockton Street Railway Company. This is a bus service with diverse schedules and stops. A bus stop is located at Plimoth Plantation. If you have a car, Plimoth Plantation offers interns complimentary parking. Please note that this service can be limited, so a personal vehicle is strongly recommended.

What benefits do your interns receive?

Interns at Plimoth Plantation receive free admission to all of our museum sites, as well as discounts in the museum store and café. We also have a great reciprocity agreement with several New England museums and institutions so you can visit them for free (or for a reduced rate) while you are an intern.

When should I start checking your website for summer, fall, or spring internships?

Summer internships (July - August) are posted starting in early February. Fall internships (September - November) are posted starting in mid-July. Spring internships (March - May) are posted starting in mid-November.

How long are your internships? Are they full time or part time?

Most internship run approximately 9-10 weeks and are full-time. We also offer some part-time internship opportunities. Certain internship opportunities also may require evening and weekend attendance.

When are the application deadlines?

If there is a position on the site that interests you, please submit your materials in a timely manner, as many positions fill quickly. Deadline for the Summer 2017 internships is March 31st.

How will I know if my application was received?

All applicants who send their materials by email will receive an email confirmation. Applicants who send materials by mail may follow up by email or phone. Please understand that due to the large quantity of applications received, we are not able to provide ongoing personal status updates to each candidate. Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted, and positions will be removed from the website once they have been filled.

Can I do an internship for course credit?

Yes, as long as your educational institution allows it. Students are responsible for all paperwork, arrangements and credit fees.

Can I use my work-study stipend or my school's internship stipend?

Yes, as long as your educational institution allows it. We can work with students who wish to use their work-study or internship stipends from their school. Students are responsible for all paperwork.

Do you accept international students for your internship program?

Yes. Please note that all international students are responsible for making all appropriate arrangements with their countries regarding permits and/or visas.

I have a question that is not listed on this page. Whom should I contact?

Telephone: (508) 746-1622, extension 8287