Museum shops

Museum Shops

Shopping for the perfect gift or souvenir from your trip? Our Museum shops have just the thing!

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Shop locations

Visitor Center Shops

The Main Shop

17th-century reproductions, books, children's toys, souvenirs, gourmet food, jewelry, apparel, décor, and gifts

The Native Shop

Traditional crafts made by Wampanoag and other local Native people

Children's Shop

Historic toys and games, educational items, and souvenirs

The Craft Center Shop

A broad selection of 17th-century reproduction ceramics, textile craft materials, beeswax candles and other historically inspired crafts and goods

Plimoth Grist Mill Shop

Organic stone-ground cornmeal, sampe, and other grains

Plymouth Waterfront Shops

Mayflower and Mayflower Compact souvenirs and nautical items

Three books stacked on a stone fragment in a garden
Plimoth Pottery
Seven wampum each with a design etched on the interior shell