Two women and young girl pose with seated Pilgrims in front of a grey Pilgrim house.

Who We Are

The guest experience is at the heart of our work. Plimoth Patuxet's unique and evocative setting, professional staff, and compelling approach to history in an immersive environment combine to provide a guest experience that is at once authentic, engaging, educational, and fun. We strive for excellence in our work and are successful when a satisfied guest recommends us to family and friends.

We are people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, talents, skills, and knowledge who share a passionate commitment to the success and well-being of Plimoth Patuxet. The following values shape the nature and quality of our work in all areas of the museum. We regard these values as meaningful guides which will continue to serve the evolution and positive growth of Plimoth Patuxet. They are central to the purpose and philosophy of this organization. They provide continuity and stability in times of stress and change. Our values help us to focus on what is important and to make choices with clarity. They are the essential and enduring tenets that define Plimoth Patuxet.


People are the key to Plimoth Patuxet's success. We draw on many human resources in our work, beginning with the people of the 17th century whose lives, cultures, and worldviews we are privileged to interpret. In equally important ways, we depend on our employees, volunteers, and trustees who contribute their skills, enthusiasm, knowledge, and the gift of their time; and most of all we depend on our guests, donors, and members, whose interests, goodwill, and generosity support our educational mission.


We provide powerful experiences to all who join us in an exploration of the past by using engaging ‘living history’ techniques, proven teaching methods, traditional storytelling, and cutting-edge technology. We encourage continual individual and professional growth to bring about productive and positive changes in the Museum and in ourselves. We constantly seek to inspire our guests in their quest for a deeper and more personal understanding of the past.


An honest and balanced presentation of history is of the greatest importance to us. We seek thoroughness in our research, accuracy in our exhibits, and passion in our interpretation.


In preserving the histories of the Native and English inhabitants of this region, we commit ourselves to the re-vitalization of pre-industrial crafts, trades, domestic skills, husbandry, horticulture, and the maritime arts. We are honored to be stewards and storytellers of one of the most fascinating chapters in American history. We are diligent in our care of original and reproduction artifacts, our living collection of plants and animals, and in our conservation of the Museum’s environment.


With a commitment to sound professional practices, we strive for excellence in every area of the Museum. We approach our work with earnestness, vigor, and the express purpose of providing enriching experiences for our guests. In order to communicate effectively with the public and each other, we act with the highest standards of respect and courtesy.


We value the satisfaction and fun that comes from working together toward a common goal. We embrace and nurture diversity because it enriches us all. We recognize that we are a part of our local community and prize our collegial relationships, collaborative partnerships, and long-standing friendships within the Plymouth community. We actively collaborate with the larger historical community and vigorously maintain our position as a respected resource to the many and varied communities we serve.