In The Heights teaser poster
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Jun 11 – Jul 1, 2021 4:30pm • 7:00pm Linn Theater

The creator of "Hamilton" and the director of "Crazy Rich Asians" invite you to the event of the summer, where the streets are made of music and little dreams become big... "In the Heights." Lights up on Washington Heights... The scent of a cafecito caliente hangs in the air just outside of the 181st Street subway stop, where a kaleidoscope of dreams rallies this vibrant and tight-knit community. At the intersection of it all is the likable, magnetic bodega owner Usnavi (Anthony Ramos), who saves every penny from his daily grind as he hopes, imagines and sings about a better life. "In the Heights" fuses Lin-Manuel Miranda's kinetic music and lyrics with director Jon M. Chu's lively and authentic eye for storytelling to capture a world very much of its place, but universal in its experience.

Language: English 2hr23min Rated PG-13
The Sparks Brothers Sundance poster
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Jun 11 – Jul 1, 2021 4:30pm • 7:00pm Maxwell Theater

How can one rock band be successful, underrated, hugely influential, and criminally overlooked all at the same time? Edgar Wright's debut documentary THE SPARKS BROTHERS, which features commentary from celebrity fans Flea, Beck, Jack Antonoff, Jason Schwartzman, Neil Gaiman, and more, takes audiences on a musical odyssey through five weird and wonderful decades with brothers/bandmates Ron and Russell Mael celebrating the inspiring legacy of Sparks: your favorite band's favorite band.

Language: English 2hr15min Rated R
Thursday, Jul 1, 2021

Lunch & Learn 400 Years Ago: A Look Back at Spring 1621

2021 marks the anniversary of the famous event known as the First Thanksgiving. As the year progresses join Plimoth Patuxet Museums’ Deputy Executive Director and Chief Historian, Richard Pickering, in a series of Lunch & Learn lectures as he chronicles the Pilgrims' first year in New England. This month's focus will be Spring 1621.

Friday, Jul 9, 2021

Homeschool Day: Making History!

What is living history and how can it help us understand what happened in the past? Join our Museum Educators for a hands-on exploration of the oral histories and traditions, objects, landscapes, and historical documents that tell us about the lives of English colonists, Wampanoag, and other indigenous people who lived on these shores in the 1600s. Then try your own hand at making history come to life!

Thursday, Jul 22, 2021

Family Fun Night: Pilgrim Mini-golf

Did you know that golf was a popular 17th-century sport? Join us with your family and make your own mini-golf putter using our special pre-packaged kits. After you’ve designed your club grab a map and hit the course. Our 17th-Century English Village has been transformed into a deluxe mini-golf course for the evening!