Plimoth Patuxet's collections are central to our understanding of the 17th century. Learn more about recent discoveries and research in our online and in-person exhibitions.

On View at Plimoth Patuxet Museums

The Wampanoag and Pilgrims join each other a table on the First Thanksgiving

We Gather Together: Thanksgiving, Gratitude, and the Making of an American Holiday

This exhibit focuses on the origins of one of America's quintessential holidays. Each year, millions of Americans gather together to share a special meal, to give thanks, and think of all that they are especially grateful for.

Plymouth/Patuxet is the place where the ancient traditions of gratitude in both the Indigenous and European cultures merged in the autumn of 1621, and a new holiday of gathering and giving thanks began.

Online Exhibitions

Mayflower sailing on ocean

Sailing Through Time: Comparing Mayflower II’s Voyages in 1957 and 2020

This online exhibition focuses on three distinct categories related to Mayflower II: Navigation, Food & Dining and Commemoration. Each category contains featured objects used during the 1957 Mayflower II sail and compares them to the circumstances of the 2020 sail. These specific categories were chosen as they demonstrated both the stark differences and interesting similarities between Mayflower II's sails in 1957 and 2020.

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