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Theater 1Ruby Winslow Linn Theater


July 24-Aug 6

at 4:30 & 7:00 p.m.

When Odysseus left Troy it took him ten years to get back to his home in Ithaca. Steve and Rob have only six days on their own personal odyssey in THE TRIP TO GREECE. On the way they argue about tragedy and comedy, astronomy and biology, myth, history, democracy and the meaning of life! Featuring locations such as: Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the Ancient Agora of Athens, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, the unique island of Hydra, the Caves of Diros, Nestor's Palace, Niokastro Fortress in Pylos, and Ancient Stagira, as well as a lot of shooting in restaurants and hotels in Athens, Hydra, Lesvos, Chalkidiki, Pelion, Kavala, and at the Peloponnese.

Length: 1 Hr 52 Min

Rated: Not Rated  

Language: English                                 

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Coming August 7th

Made In Italy

Aug 7-Aug 13

at 4:30 & 7:00 p.m.

Made In Italy is a heart-warming father son story set in glorious Tuscany about bohemian London artist Robert (Liam Neeson), who returns to Italy with his estranged son Jack (Micheál Richardson) to make a quick sale of the house they inherited from his late wife. Neither expects to find the once beautiful villa in such a state of disrepair.... Renovations go badly, with father and son soon finding themselves at odds. Robert's comical lack of DIY experience leads him to seek help from some colourful locals including the no nonsense Kate (Lindsay Duncan), an ex-pat making her living selling villas who quickly captures his attention. For Jack, the state of the house seems to mirror his search for memories of happier times with his mother. He soon falls for Natalia (Valeria Bilello), a vivacious young Italian chef, who restores both body and soul with delights from her local trattoria -- until the pair find their developing relationship in jeopardy from Natalia's jealous and threatening ex-husband. As Robert and Jack painstakingly restore the villa to its previous glory, they also start to mend their relationship. The future may now look quite different and surprise them both.

Length: 2 Hr 1  Min     Rated: R  

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Theater 2- Harriet K Maxwell Theater

Mon Chien Stupide

(My Dog, Stupid)

July 24 - Aug 6
at 4:30 and 7:00 pm


Henri is a middle-aged writer with fading inspiration. Feeling increasingly misunderstood by his family, he dreams of running away to start over again. Yet when he discovers a bad-mannered dog in his garden, he decides to adopt him, starting an unexpected friendship that inevitably upsets Henri’s family and neighbors. The bittersweet and moving comedy about love standing the test of time stars iconic real-life couple Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal.

Length: 1 Hr 39  Min     Rated: Unrated  
Language:French with English subtitles 

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Aug 7- Aug 13
at 4:30 ONLY

Alice is a reclusive writer, resigned to a solitary life on the seaside cliffs of Southern England while World War II rages across the channel. When she opens her front door one day to find she's to adopt a young London evacuee named Frank, she's resistant. It's not long, however, before the two realize they have more in common in their pasts than Alice had assumed. Gemma Arterton, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Tom Courtenay star in this intensely emotional story of love's endurance in trying times.

Length: 1 Hr 40  Min     Rated: R  

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How to Build a Girl

Aug 7 - Aug 13
at 7:00 pm ONLY

Johanna Morrigan (Beanie Feldstein) is a bright, quirky, 16-year-old who uses her colorful imagination to regularly escape her humdrum life in Wolverhampton and live out her creative fantasies. Desperate to break free from the overcrowded flat she shares with her four brothers and eccentric parents, she submits an earnestly penned and off-beat music review to a group of self-important indie rock critics at a weekly magazine. Despite being brushed off initially, Johanna clambers to the top of the 90s rock music scene by reinventing herself as Dolly Wilde -- a venerable, impossible-to-please music critic with an insatiable lust for fame, fortune, and men. It isn't long before the rapid pace at which Johanna's life is changing becomes overwhelming and she runs face-first into a devastatingly real, existential crisis: Is this the type of girl she wants to become? Or does she need to start over and build again from the ground up? Based on the best-selling novel by Caitlin Moran, How to Build a Girl is a sassy, sexy, and a profoundly touching coming-of-age comedy that traces the rocky road to womanhood through the lens of a unique and wildly hilarious protagonist.

Length: 1 Hr 42  Min     Rated: R 
Language: English 

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Plimoth Visitor Center
137 Warren Ave.
Plymouth, MA


4:30 & 7:00 p.m. showings


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Plimoth has been hard at work to provide as safe an environment as possible for both staff and guests. You can rest assured that our COVID-19 Safety Plan follows the requirements provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Mandatory Workplace Safety Standards for Physical Distancing; Hygiene Protocols; Staffing and Operations; and Cleaning and Disinfecting.

  • Indoors and outdoors, we’re requiring employees and all visitors to maintain, as often as possible, a distance of six (6) feet between themselves and others. Signage throughout the Museum and in the Cinema will let you know about safe physical distancing.
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  • Our staff have received training on physical distancing and hygiene protocols, and employees who are displaying any COVID-19-like symptoms will not report to work.

Thank you! We are grateful for your support of Plimoth Cinema’s mission, especially during these challenging times. We are honored to be able to bring you a change of perspective, a respite from the daily news, and some excellent films.