Be Part of History in your Community!

Do you have an open mind and enjoy engaging with people who share a common passion for history, lifelong learning, and community engagement? Join our Volunteer & Museum Guides Program! Volunteers & Museum Guides work in support of and alongside our staff fulfilling the Museum's mission to provide powerful personal encounters with history.

Our volunteers are:

  • Guides on the Living History exhibits
  • Caretakers of historic gardens and landscapes
  • Greeters, golf cart drivers, and ushers at the Plimoth Cinema
  • Makers & innovators in the Marine Shop and at the Plimoth Grist Mill
  • Special programs and event support
  • Behind-the-scenes alongside our curators and historians

...And so much more! You don't need to be a formally trained historian to get involved at Plimoth Patuxet. All Volunteers & Museum Guides should be curious, enthusiastic, and eager to learn new things. The volunteer schedule is flexible and includes seasonal and weekend shifts.

2023 Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are available based on departments’ needs, and therefore not every opportunity may be available at all times. Each opportunity is different and may require its own unique blend of skills and experience.

Museum Guides are passionate about history and delight in sharing their knowledge with over 300,000 guests each year! Museum Guides work in the living history exhibits (including the 17th-century English Village, Historic Patuxet Homesite, and Plimoth Grist Mill) answering guests' questions about the Indigenous and Colonial communities who lived along these shores of change in the 1600s from a modern, 21st-century perspective. Museum Guides attend additional training sessions and participate in monthly meetings which may include additional reading and continuing education opportunities.

Public Programs & Special Events volunteers support the Public Programs staff by helping prepare for and facilitating special events including Heirloom Seeds Weekend, Free Fun Friday, and many more special events. Every event and program holds unique opportunities for volunteers. The flexible schedule is ideal for volunteers who want to be involved but cannot commit to a regular weekly shift. Public Programs & Special Event volunteers sign up for programs on a first-come, first-served basis.

Guest Services volunteers greet people from near and far, assist with wayfinding, and help guests discover our shared histories. The schedule is flexible and includes weekend shifts.

Guest Services volunteers are responsible for:

  • Greeting guests as they arrive at the Orientation film and providing a short welcome
  • Making sure the theatres are clean and operable: lighting, climate control, etc.
  • Coordinating with the front end staff and volunteers on seating availability and timing of shows
  • Coordinate with Golf Cart volunteers on assisting guests with limited access
  • Instruct chaperones and group leaders on guidelines and expectations for visiting the Museum
  • Directing the flow of guests through the theatre lobby
  • Reporting and delivering lost and found items to Guest Services front desk.
  • Help guests with directions and inquiries to Plymouth or beyond.

The Golf Cart Driver will meet and greet visitors in a friendly manner while ensuring safe and comfortable seating. A clean driving record is necessary. You must be over the age of "19" per our insurance carrier. You may obtain a copy of your driving record from your insurance agent prior to joining us. The Golf Cart Driver will pick up passengers at the Visitors Center and pleasantly and safely drive them to the Craft Center, and the Village Entrance, and back to the Visitor Center. Please have friendly communication skills, and the ability to interact with visitors from the USA and the World. Special attention will be paid to the cleanliness and appearance of the golf cart, especially during inclement weather.

Horticulture Volunteers combine their love of nature with service as they help care for the Museum’s 120+ acre campus which includes 17th and 20th-century historic, border, and perennial gardens as well as off-season work in the greenhouses. Horticulture Volunteers are:

  • Comfortable with a basic understanding of plant care and maintenance including planting, weeding, watering, and pruning
  • Able to work in a variety of standing, crouching, or seated postures outdoors or in a greenhouse
  • Willing to work with a team
  • Self-motivated

Collections & Library Volunteers support the Museum’s efforts to catalog, digitize, and maintain its extensive archaeology and originals collections as well as reshelve books, organize the library, and assist with digitizing library holdings. Previous library or registrar experience preferred. Supervisor: Collections Manager

  • Volunteer Cataloger: Assist the Collections Manager & Staff Archaeologist with cataloging and digitizing the archaeological collections housed at Plimoth Patuxet Museums. Volunteers will inventory artifacts, input data into online databases, and photograph objects for records. Artifact identification materials and training will be provided. Familiarity with databases and comfort working with cameras and computers are required.
  • Object Rehousing Volunteer: Assist the Collections Manager to make custom storage boxes, ring mounts, and cavity mounts to house fragile collections objects. Volunteers will use hot knives, glue guns, foam and other tools to rehouse objects. Object handling training and supplies will be provided. Interest in arts & crafts preferred.

Historical Clothing & Textiles volunteers help Museum staff maintain an extensive 17th-century reproduction wardrobe used in the 17th-century English Village, on the Wampanoag Homesite, and aboard Mayflower II. Intermediate to advanced stitching/sewing skills are required.

  • Plimoth Knitting Club: This weekly knitting club, hosted by Plimoth Patuxet, meets on Wednesday afternoons, providing a cozy and interesting club setting while offering opportunities for new challenges and the fun camaraderie only fellow knitters can provide. Plimoth Patuxet’s Historical Clothing and Textiles department relies almost solely on volunteer knitters for stockings, hats, mittens and garters, used in the Museum’s authentically reproduced living history sites. Knitting club members will be supplied with yarn and patterns to complete a variety of historic projects.

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Important Dates to Remember

  • Museum Guides 2023 Application Deadline: February 10, 2023.
  • Spring Volunteer Application Deadline (starting April 1): March 17, 2023
  • Fall Volunteer Application Deadline (Starting September 11): September 8, 2023

Please email with any questions.

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