Welcome to the Internship Program at Plimoth Plantation!


How will History change YOU?

Plan a garden with heirloom and native plants, design an educational program about archaeology, learn the art of marketing a living history museum, play 17th-century games with summer campers, help us make collections accessible online ... the possibilities are endless.

We are looking for enthusiastic, team-oriented young people with an interest in America’s early histories who want to share in the day-to-day work of one of our nation's most important living museums. Plimoth Plantation's interns enjoy an intensive experience as diverse as the Museum itself centered on immersive, hands-on fieldwork. Interns also participate in a collaborative group project, enjoy field trips, and engage in unique professional development opportunities. 


There are no internships available at this time. 

Applications for Summer Internships will open in January 2020.

Questions about the Plimoth Plantation Internship Program can be directed to interns@plimoth.org or (508) 746-1622 ext 8287.  See our list of FAQs about the internship program. 



“It was such a life changing experience for me. I had the opportunity to curate my first exhibit with a fellow intern… made lasting friendships, and learned so much about museums" - Amanda Morgida (Smith College)


 "I think my internship at the mill was really what pushed that initial passion into full blown ecstasy. I couldn't wait to show up with my field guides and natural history notes and get back to exploring the area and identifying plants. This internship helped me prove to myself that this really was what I was put on earth to do…" - Ian Spellman (Bridgewater State University)

My internship in Historic Clothing and Textiles allowed me to bring my education into a real world setting.  The projects I worked on while in wardrobe enhanced the skills I gained at Dalhousie University.  Additionally the experience I gained working in a wardrobe shop (repairs, laundry, pressing etc) contributed to my employment in the wardrobe department of Cirque du Soleil following the end of the internship.  Plimoth Plantation was an excellent spring board for my future career and I am very thankful for having spent such a wonderful summer south of the border." -Melinda Moynihan (Dalhousie University)

My internship at Plimoth Plantation not only gave me international experience (I came over from the UK) but practice carrying out consultancy style ethnographic projects. I was able to directly apply the skills I had learnt through my Social Anthropology degree at the London School of Economics. It inspired me to begin searching for jobs in visitor analysis ... which I believe is a direct result of the responsibilities I was given, and lessons I learned at Plimoth Plantation." - Amelia Mulcahey (London School of Economics)