The Children's Fund at Plimoth Patuxet

For decades, Plimoth Patuxet Museums has worked in partnership with foundations and companies in the community, creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged children to experience history coming alive here at the Museum. Formerly known as Foundations for Kids, The Children’s Fund is striving to grow in response to increased need throughout Massachusetts and beyond.

Chidlren field trip fortmeeting house english village

At Plimoth Patuxet Museums, students experience their history and social studies lessons coming to life. Immersive learning transports children back in time to 17th Century New England, where we engage learners of all ages in immersive, hands-on encounters with history that foster curiosity and empathy to inspire the next generation with a deeper, more nuanced understanding of early American history.

For economically disadvantaged children throughout New England, these opportunities are often out of reach. Through The Children’s Fund, the Museum provides free and heavily reduced cost access for high need education organizations serving these children. This is made possible through the support of foundations, companies, and individual donors. Their generosity offsets the Museums’ costs to provide these opportunities, allowing The Children’s Fund to serve thousands of children annually.

Earlier this year, TD Bank once again reaffirmed their commitment to supporting the communities they serve through a grant to The Children’s Fund. We are incredibly grateful for their ongoing partnership, which will allow us to serve more than 1,000 children in 2024. Over the years, this commitment to educational equity has allowed thousands of young learners to experience life-changing immersive education at Plimoth Patuxet Museums.

Pilgrim children immersive hands on history english village

Children help a Pilgrim grind corn in the 17th Century English Village. She teaches them about historic foodways, the importance of corn, and the role children their age would have played in the community.

Studies show that immersive field trips result in long-term academic impact and individual enrichment, particularly for minority, English Language Learner, and economically disadvantaged students. From higher grades to increased graduation rates, immersive learning ignites passions that result in long-term benefits for students in need.

Together, we can continue to build equity and opportunity as we bring the story of our Nation to life for economically disadvantaged youth in our communities.

Thank you note childrens fund student visit
“I think having the opportunity to be in the olden times was great for my education. I really enjoyed being in the old buildings. I also was able to cut a log with a two person saw. Being a Pilgrim must have been very hard. I mean, you had to go on a ship, to a place you didn’t know existed AND you had to leave your families! (I could never). I hope next year all the kids in second grade have a opportunity just like I did.” - Ellie, 2nd Grader

Feedback from Educators

“Most of our language learner students have never visited a local museum - not to mention Plimoth Patuxet Museums. Without a doubt, this experience will broaden horizons and give students an awareness of the cultural richness of our shared histories through the context of our museum experience.” - Pawtucket, RI Teacher

“Thank you so much for giving my students the opportunity to visit the Plimoth Patuxet Museum. They had a wonderful day visiting! All of the staff were so friendly and allowed my students to ask many questions, giving them the opportunity to learn so much new information. They left telling me about all of their favorite parts and it was so very special.” - Everett, MA Teacher

“Our visit just ended and I wanted to let you know that it was wonderful! The students were very engaged and so amused with the realistic clothing and all the regalia that ‘Mistress Winslow’ brought. It was interactive and educational. The educators never broke character! They were understanding of our diverse population and age appropriate. I know the other classes enjoyed theirs just as much. Thank you again.”

Cooking arbor patuxet homesite child educator foodways

Young learners explore the Patuxet Homesite with all of their senses, playing with reproduction artifacts, going inside wetus, watching live demonstrations, and interacting with educators.

Learn more about The Children’s Fund here.