Riddles and word puzzles were as popular in the 17th-century as they are today. They provided not only plenty of entertainment but were an excellent grindstone for the sharp mind! Some of our favorite books of 17th-century English riddles include The "Book of Merry Riddles" (1629), "Meery Riddles" (1631), and "Prettie Riddles" (1631). Some are still in print today!

Here are some riddles the Pilgrims may have known. Put your wits to the test and see if you can solve them!

  • A splinter

  • A fire

  • A needle

  • An oven

  • A star

  • Shoes

  • A snail

  • A rope

  • A candle

  • Salt

  • A bridge

Banner Image by Kathy Tarantola Photography