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In 2014, Plimoth Patuxet Museums provided an inspirational setting for American Experience and filmmaker Ric Burns to produce The Pilgrims, a full-length documentary exploring the early histories of Plymouth Colony and Wampanoag Patuxet. Along with the film, the Museum worked with the team at PBS Learning Media to develop a series of classroom resources including background essays, activities, and questions that engage students in the documentary's key themes and historical questions. These resources are available for free online at the PBS Learning Media website. Some of our favorites include lessons and video clips exploring the Mayflower Compact, the alliance with Massasoit and the First Thanksgiving, and plague in Native New England (1616-1619).

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Virtual Field Trips with Scholastic

For over 20 years, Plimoth Patuxet’s collaboration with Scholastic, America’s leading educational publisher, has resulted in popular children's books and virtual field trips. The partnership now reaches one in three elementary school students through Scholastic's news magazine and free online resources. Scholastic estimates that 31 million school children have seen Plimoth Patuxet’s electronic field trips since 2009, while the Museum’s short films made with Scholastic have been seen by roughly 4 million children.

The Wampanoag Way

This 8-minute video from Plimoth Patuxet Museums and Scholastic News explores explores the life of two Wampanoag girls past and present. Perfect for grades 1-3.

Thanksgiving Virtual Field Trip Scholastic Webcast

Explore the 1621 harvest feast from 17th-century English and Wampanoag perspectives and hear from modern museum educators about how the holiday continues to influence our communities today. This 30-minute video also discusses daily life in Plymouth Colony and Patuxet and the establishment of a mutual alliance of protection in the spring of 1621.

Interwoven: A Podcast from Plimoth Patuxet Museums

Interwoven explores the ways stories weave through generations, communities, and cultures to inform our contemporary lives. Rooted deep in the 17th century, Interwoven expands beyond the relationships between the Wampanoag People and the Pilgrims to discuss larger cross-cultural interactions of the very people who lived along these shores of change. Interwoven is available for streaming and download on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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