Guests visit contemporary museum building adjacent to the Historic Patuxet Homesite

The New Indigenous Programs Building

On the Horizon
The New Indigenous Program Building

Plimoth Patuxet is underway with plans and fundraising to expand the Indigenous site with new exhibits and spaces that will enable the site and staff to better tell the compelling story of profound change and cultural persistence in the Indigenous homeland in this region. The new building and cultural exhibits will reinforce the Museum’s commitment to being the world’s preeminent educational resource on the Native and Colonial history of this place in the 17th century and beyond.

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Site plan with indigenous building

The challenge and goal of this exciting project is to design and construct a building that enriches the visitors’ journey through the Museum’s living history sites, and their transition from the traditional environment of the Historic Patuxet Homesite to the present-day.

Gallery rendering

An exhibit hallway featuring both historical and contemporary Indigenous artifacts will accompany an intimate amphitheater oriented to the East because the Wampanoag are “the people of the dawn.”

Circular gallery rendering

The new building will amplify the Museum’s Indigenous collections while expanding its educational programing opportunities. It will create space for performances and demonstrations by artisans and audio/video presentations from Indigenous knowledge-keepers.

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Museum Educator speaks with a group of children at the Historic Patuxet Homesite

The building will also include support space needed for the daily operations of the historic site, and basic amenities for the comfort and convenience of visitors and staff alike. An adjacent staff support building will provide climate-controlled storage space for the reproduction artifacts used on the Historic Patuxet Homesite. Investment in this essential building is an institutional priority as the Museum continues to strive to ensure a learning-rich and welcoming experience for all.

To learn more about this project and the many ways you may help with its completion, please contact Plimoth Patuxet's Development office by email at or by calling (508) 503-2668.

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