At the Craft Center, located in close proximity to the 17th-Century English Village, you will learn about 17th-century lifeways from a variety of skilled artisans and museum historians. You can also take a relaxing seat indoors, find restrooms, enjoy a warm sip from our café, and browse a broad selection of 17th-century reproduction ceramics, textile craft materials and other historically inspired goods at the Craft Center Shop.

What will I see at the Craft Center?

Garden beds outside of craft center

Outside of the Craft Center, you’ll see Humoral Gardens. These gardens are period medicinal gardens that demonstrate the Doctrine of the Humors, the prevailing medical theory in 17th-century England and Plymouth Colony. Go inside to learn more at the Apothecary Exhibit!


Inside the Craft Center, you'll also see potters at work! Skilled artisans carefully create reproductions of historic items made in England and other parts of Europe during the 17th century. You can purchase one of your own in our Museum Shop or see them in use in the English Village.

The Craft Center also hosts special demonstrations from museum historians and partner craft organizations. Be sure to stop by to see what is happening today!