Craft Center Resources

For additional reading on many of the arts and trades demonstrated at the Craft Center, the Museum suggests the following books. Many are available in our Museum Shops, our online shop, or may be found at your local public library. Your Museum membership entitles you to reading privileges at Plimoth Plantation's William Bradford Research Library and these volumes are in the Museum's collection.

Bowsher, Julian and Pat Miller. The Rose and Globe--Playhouses of Shakespeare's Bankside, Southwark: Excavations 1988-90. London: MOLAS, 2009.

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American Furniture, Chipstone Foundation Journal.

1996: Peter Follansbee and John Alexander, "Seventeenth-Century Joinery from Braintree, Massachusetts: the Savell Shop Tradition."
1998: Peter Follansbee, "A Seventeenth-Century Carpenter's Conceit: The Waldo Family Joined Great Chair."
2001: with Robert F. Trent & Alan Miller, "First Flowers in the Wilderness: Mannerist Furniture from a Northern Essex County, Massachusetts, Shop."

2002: "Manuscripts, Marks, and Material Culture: Understanding the Joiner's Trade in Seventeenth-Century America”

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