Object ID: 19PL522.HH.5089

Early-Middle Woodland (3,000 - 1,000BP)
Stone, Slate
Artist name is no longer known
Plimoth Patuxet Museums Archaeology Collection
Half of a broken, oval-shaped, banded slate gorget with one hole drilled into it


Starting around 3,000 years ago, long distance trade networks began to break down as people settled into more defined areas. Regional conflict increased and was possibly intensified by the use of bows and arrows as weapons. Because of this, displaying personal status or identity as a leader may have become more important. A fine gorget like this was worn around the throat like a necklace and likely conveyed social status or importance.

Discussion Questions

  • As Wampanoag and other communities settled in defined areas, what might cause conflict between groups?
  • Think about a time you had a conflict with someone. How did you resolve it?
  • What are some ways political and military leaders show status or rank today?